Monday, 29 September 2008

GWJ Road Planing Specialists Scania 164L parked near Ruthin, North Wales today

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Saw Sarens yesterday

I saw one of their Scania ballast carriers yesterday on the M62 near Milnrow, Rochdale. I couldn't photograph it as I was driving. (I can't steer with my knees and take pictures, unlike someone I know...!), so here's one of a similar vehicle from last year taken at Ellesmere Port.

Preview - Utrecht HH and Mack Day

Due to attend next weekend with Andrew and Dave W. Here's a shot from Van der Tol's man-basket at last year's event along with a few more from the show. As Andrew and I 'went airborne', Dave valiantly stayed on terra firma. I'd hate anyone to think he was scared of going up. Luckily, Van der Tol took care of us and we returned to Earth 5-10 minutes later.

PGC Plant Auction.

Choice of Allely's with Andrew or the PGC Demolition auction. As the latter was just half an hour away, I did that. Lots of plant and a few HH units.

Holiday snaps

To kick things off, a Battazza Spa Iveco Sivi. They let me in their depot near Olginate, Italy but the language barrier got in the way. They couldn't understand why someone would go there to take photos...Perfectly normal, isn't it? Also pictured are Guiriato and Fortuna from near Verona. Incidentally, Verona is a lovely city. I didn't just take truck photos... I also saw Morschauser near Pisa loaded with Army vehicles on our second Italian jaunt of the summer. The brand new MAN TGS crane was lifting powerboats into and out of Lake Iseo at a racing event.

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